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Organic Rocks: Don’t Let Your Organic Die on the Vine

Before I get to the newsletter, I’d like to welcome back into the program, a Washington D.C. IT support outfit. It’s not unusual for someone to return to the program after six months or one year but Lawrence is returning after 7 years!!! It seems like almost every week, someone comes back. Also, before […]

Just Another Bandwagon or Do Social Signals Really Matter?

Hi Folks, Oh my goodness, two newsletters in the same week.  You have to know that retirement from teaching is starting to get to me.  I’ve got nothing to do except think about you!! Do you sometimes feel that you’re a sheep in a flock and you’re being stampeded from one SEO fad to the […]

Google My Business 2015 Newsletter Blog

Hi Folks Before I say anything, I want to say this. Don’t get stressed out when you hear me and others telling you that you have to do this and you have to do that. I take forever to get some of these things done or I half start and come back to them a […]

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