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Google+ Newsletter

HI Folks Before we get to the newsletter I just want to caution you about how you handle your one-way links program updates. I think some of you follow the directions well and do a fresh download at each update and for each site you are updating. But I think what happens sometimes is that […]

Who Said Links Were Dead and the Challenge of Selling Product Online

Before I begin this newsletter I just want to make one clarification about the “Majestic SEO” trust ratio, the topic of recent newsletters. Different SEO companies calculate the ratio differently. In the end, it’s a difference without meaning as long as you remember that trust is more important than citation. Think of Trust Flow as […]

Trust Rank Blog Post

Hi Folks Now that I’m retired from academe, I plan to write a lot more newsletters.  Poor you!  But as much as possible each one will focus on one specific topic so hopefully they’ll be easier to plough through.  Today, I want to focus on link trust (also being called TrustRank). But first, a reminder about the last […]

Trust Rank Continued / .EDU Links

Hi folks! Yet another newsletter! I want to talk about two things in this newsletter. Following up from the Trust Rank newsletter, I want to say a bit more about the Majestic SEO reports. And secondly, I want to talk about getting .EDU links. The day after I sent out the last newsletter, I came […]

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